52 shows in 52 weeks – The 2019 West End Challenge

I love the West End. I used to see shows very regularly but I have realised that in 2018 I have been maybe two or three times. So I’ve decided to set myself a challenge 52 shows in 52 weeks. One show a week for the entire year.

The plan is this, one weekday a week (I am not made of money) book a show and go after work. The joys of TodayTix and similar apps mean it will hopefully be easy to find a good deal. In order to do this it is going to need to be cheap tickets, 20 maybe 30 pounds so definitely not going to be the best seats in the house. At that price if I give up a few coffees and takeaways it should just about pay for itself… I hope. After each show I’ll post a mini-review / trip report here.

Already booked my first ticket for the year, Bat Out Of Hell, on the 2nd January. It closes Jan 5th so I got in just in time. It’s a show I’ve wanted to see for a while so it seems like a good place to start the year. Ticket was £20 for the back of the stalls, on budget so far. Hopefully I can get some people to come with to some of the shows and I am happy to take suggestions for your must see show. Leave a comment below.

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