Oh Sh** I’ve become a Millennial… An app for every occasion

Do I really always have an app for that?!

I’ve never really thought of myself as a Millenial… sure, I was born in the late 80s so the marketing types definitely put me in that bracket, but I never thought I was ‘all about experiences’ or living my life through social media. I am starting to have my doubts though when my sister start saying everything I do needs an App and they actually run my life.

If I think back to my time at uni (ah the heady days of 2007…) the smartphone was not yet a thing, contactless payment was something we thought might be cool someday and I still actually carried cash in my pocket. None of these things changed overnight but when I stopped to think this week I realised my phone now basically runs my life, let me illustrate with a day in the life…

They say the average 18 to 35 year old has 30 apps on their phone, let’s see how I do…


07.30: Woken up by my work Android Phone which play Radio 4 via internet radio. None of those pesky alarm clocks anymore. It does get annoying when it loses internet and reverts to a very loud and uncomfortable beeping instead!

07.45: After a couple of snoozes I get up and ask Alexa what the weather is going to be today. She replies in an overly calm voice that storms are predicted with a high of three degrees and a low of minus one. I despair slightly so to put me in a good mood I ask her to set my Phillips Hue lights to the Carribean Beach scene. At least in my apartment it can feel like summer for 10 minutes.

07.55: Quick check of my work email and my personal Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (too old for FOMO these days but it’s nice to see what friends got up to last night) while brushing my teeth.


08.00: On my way out the door I leave some clean sheets on the bed. Got a cleaner coming while I am at work (booked through the Housekeep App). She’ll let herself in with a key left with the company, know where the cleaning stuff is thanks to notes in the app and I don’t even need to leave cash as it is all taken care of via card.

08.10: Walk over to the tube, breeze through the barriers paying with Apple Pay on my Apple Watch (who even uses an Oyster Card these days?!). I previously used to use my iPhone but at the hectic pace that is the rush hour tube getting a phone out of my pocket and double clicking the home button was just too much effort.

08.30: Quick stop at Tesco Express on the way in to work for a Croissant and a drink. Self-service checkout obviously… I would use the Apple Watch again but with the new Tesco Pay+ app I can be even quicker as it does the Clubcard and payment in one – every second counts!

08.45: In the office… I do work for a company that has an App so the app chat continues but a bit of a break until…


11.00: Not quite lunch yet but LinkedIn has sent me a notification. Someone I used to work with who want to connect and 10 jobs I might be interested in. I am a bit too young to remember the rolodex but I imagine this is the modern equivalent. Not really looking to make a move right now so I accept the acquaintance and dismiss the jobs.

12.00: Lunch for real this time. A couple of options, could use my MealPal subscription and get a cheap lunch from a place nearby, could use Just Eat and order something for collection or if I am really in a hurry it could be Tesco again. Decide to go for Just Eat and order some sushi for collection in 30 minutes.

12.25: Leave the office to wander over, quick check of the BBC News, Sky News and CNN apps as I go. Just seeing if there is anything I missed during the morning. A few work emails come in as I walk and I can read a few slides on the Google Slides app that I will need for the meeting this afternoon.

13.00: Back to work. But I did just get a notification from Chip, an automatic savings app that it is going to take £20 from my account tomorrow. It’s a great little app that saves small amounts each week for you that you don’t really notice based on Machine Learning (If you sign up use my code AWQ4NO for an extra 1% interest 😉 ). That seems a bit steep though as I need to buy some tickets so better logon to internet banking app and check it out.

13.05: Panic Over! Forgot I got paid yesterday… save away Chip my friend! And back to meetings for me…

Commute Home

18.00: Leave the office. Remember I got paid and think I should probably check on my Pension. Sure my generation will probably retire at 90 but it’s best to start early. Actually get really annoyed with the Aviva App, it’s so much worse than Standard Life one from my previous jobs #appProblems.

18.05: Back on the tube. How did we ever manage before free WiFi on the tube?! Start getting hungry and thinking about dinner. I could cook but got very little food left in the house. Screw it, I’ll get a takeaway. Deliveroo and Uber Eats both have pretty good selection around me so open them both up between stations and find something nice. Can’t order yet as the internet is a bit spotty but all saved in the basket.

18.20: Walking home from the station and hit pay on that order. 20 minutes to delivery… perfect, I’ll be home in 10.


18.35: Glad I walked fast, food is here early! While I eat pop Netflix on, ‘The Good Place’ is great if you haven’t seen it.

18.40: Invite to a friend’s wedding was waiting for me so need to look for some flights and hotels to Scotland. BA flight booked on their app and a night in the Holiday Inn on IHG. Need to book the Monday off work too, Workday App covers that one, none of this messing around with logging on to VPNs anymore thank god. All sorted in about 10 mins, easy!

19.00: Ocado order arrives. Been ordering bits all week as it has run out, can use their app, scan the barcodes or ask Alexa. Annoyingly some essentials were out of stock, I could pop down to Sainsbury’s but that storm has arrived and that is pretty unappealing.

19.10: Amazon Prime 2 hour delivery to the rescue. They had all the essentials and they will be here between 20.00 and 22.00. In the meantime, back to the Good Place…

20.30: Order arrives. I do like those brown paper bags, very practical and can be recycled! Annoyingly one item was unavailable, I’ll just add that to the next Ocado order then.

20.45: Probably binged enough Netflix for tonight. Spend a few minutes on Tinder and Bumble, not really serious but you never know I might find the girl of my dreams! #MillennialDatingSucks

20.50: Decide I probably have more chance winning the lottery so put a couple of quid on the Powerball lottery on Lottoland (a few hundred million quid would be alright)

21.00: Better have a shower and get ready for bed… but first a quick check of the socials and a few YouTube videos.

23.00: Oh wow, where did that time go… Now actually time for bed.

For those keeping score I make it 31 apps today. Okay, I probably don’t actually do all of this everyday but you get my point. Almost everything outside work involves an app in one way or another. Even on a weekend I would probably take an Uber, order something from Argos, pay a few bills or by some theatre tickets on TodayTix. It is starting to feel like my life is run by apps and to be honest I think I am okay with it!

Am I unusual? Do other people feel like there is an app for everything these days? Leave a comment below

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